Year after year we continue to work actively for the life of our people


The Association of Merchants of Calonge (ACC) began to walk on March 11, 1987, this day met a management commission, composed of eighteen people, who agreed to the constitution of the Association and draft the statutes. During these twenty years, as in any other entity, company, and even couple, ups and downs have been experienced, but the mere fact that the Association is still operational, is a source of pride for all.

As of 2001 there is a resurgence prompted in part by the City Council, which believes that an entity such as the ACC should have more weight and become more involved in the commercial and social fabric of Calonge, and partly as a response to a series of actions taken carried out by the City Council itself, with which the vast majority of merchants did not agree or believed that they could be done otherwise. As a result of these events, it began as one that says zero, new board, new status, trying to include the Calonge Commerce new technologies, with the creation of a website of the ACC, and joining the Association of Merchants of Catalonia (ABC), that is, we tried to be decisive in any measure that could affect our Calonge trade.

In 2003, the ACC started a dynamic plan, together with the City Council of Calonge, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Palamós and the Government of Catalonia.

The objective is to promote all actions to boost urban commerce, aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers resident in the municipality, as well as those linked to occasional buyers who, for seasonal reasons, can develop their purchases in this area.

The 1987 status said ... "it acts for the good of the community improvement and its citizen development seeking the improvement of the community life of the population area", we believe that this premise is currently very valid and this is what pursued by the ACC, to promote cohesion and respect among the associates themselves and the population in general.

The main task of our Association is to promote trade in Calonge in all its aspects. We are willing to work to achieve it together with the municipal institutions, whenever it is to move forward, with mutual respect.

We do not want to end without having a mention for all the merchants, that without them at this time many of the things that are being carried out would not be possible, whether they are partners or they are not. And those who are not yet are encouraged to do.


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