The townspeople trust Calonge's merchants and businessmen.



Acts for the benefit of community improvements and citizen development seeking improvement of community life in the area of the population


It is to promote all those actions to revitalize urban commerce, aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers residing in the municipality, as well as those linked to occasional buyers who for seasonal reasons can develop their purchases in this space.

The new board, which took the reins of the association in June of last year, makes a positive assessment of the year 2015. The activities we have organized have worked well and we ended the year in positive numbers. We have several projects and ideas with which we are very excited.

But we also want to highlight some points that we must improve if we want to be able to move forward and participate actively in the life of our people.

First, the low participation of our members. The board is formed by four members: the president, the treasurer, the secretary and a member. The team is completed with the entity coordinator. Five people. In the long term, it is insufficient and, without reinforcements, we will end up tired. We know perfectly well that each one has his life, his work and little time to dedicate himself to voluntary activities. For this reason, we have decided to change the organization of the association to make it more participatory, and that it does not turn out to be too important a weight for its members.

From now on, we want the board to be composed, apart from the current members, of a coordinator of the merchants, of a coordinator of the businessmen and of 4 other members. We are looking for 6 people who come to occupy these positions on the board. This will allow us to divide the work so that it does not pose a significant burden.

But what seems even more important to us is to refocus the role of the association. We think that an association of merchants and entrepreneurs will be in charge of defending the interests of its members, and not be a company organizing fairs.

We will continue organizing the summer and Christmas activities, which are very consolidated and appreciated by the public, but, from now on, we will focus on being a transmission belt between our associates and the authorities, acting as a lobby, because together We have more weight than alone.

We believe that we will be more efficient to support individual ideas and initiatives, because it is our members who know best what is best for them. That's why we want to create, under the supervision of the coordinators, sub-groups of interests, such as, for example, the actors of restoration or construction, so that they come with their ideas and organize, with our logistical help, the demonstrations or activities that suit them.

And, finally, we need more partners. It is no secret that the basis of success is money. The fee for the association is € 100 per year, which is charged twice. This fee allows the associate to advertise in the application and on the association's website. It entitles you to a free stop or at a reduced cost at the fairs we organize, gives you access to the advantages that we can provide through agreements with service companies, allows you to join the Costa Brava Card, have a voice in our meetings and help in his relations with the town hall. With his contribution, the associate participates in the animation of the town, which attracts tourists and new residents, and increases their chances of doing business.

The amount of subsidies that we receive, both from the City Council and the Generalitat is directly proportional to our own income, therefore, the more partners, the more budget to improve our town. Becoming a member of the association is also an act of commitment with the Calonginos. Together we make our town something exceptional.




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